Breakfast time

Good and healthy start

For 2 persons

Before going to sleep :

0.5 dl quinoa

0.5 dl  helt bovete (whole buckwheat)

0.5 dl havrekorss (oatmeal)

Rinse the quinoa and buckwheat in boiling hot water, and then cold water.

Put all the grains in double amount of cold water overnight.

In the morning :

Boil it for 10 min.

Then mix a bit of salt, cinnamon, cardamom, eco raisins, virgin coconut oil in the porridge, and let it stand for 10 more minutes. A bit of fresh ginger in it is also good!

Put it in a bowl and put cinnamon, honey, nuts /seeds and fruits (banana/apple, pear) on top , -put what you like!

Now you are ready for action :)

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