Its easy and it takes about 1 hour.

Mix all the dry nuts and seeds you want together . Make a juice, It can be apple juice or a mix by orange and apple or what taste you like.

Warm it up with honey and butter and pour it over the dry things.

( What I did was filling up the plate with nuts and things for my muesli, not to much (look at the picture) . I mix 1,5 dl juice with 1 spoon honey and spoon butter and purred it over ).

But it in the oven with about 140 degrees and let it stay there for about 45 – to 1 hour. Remember mix it a bit when its inside the oven.

Take it out and let it get cold before you add what dry fruit you like.

Good luck and remember use Eco products.

Hope this will help you to make a nice muesli.

The best thing is : you know what inside you muesli.


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