Kari Schibevaag

Or the Vikinga like some people call her, is quite a normal, but tiny blond Norwegian girl that found her passion in doingsports. She is from Madla in Norway, just 10 min from the oil city Stavanger. She has tried a lot of sports, but her career started as a skiing 4-year-old. Finally, kitesurfing caught her full attention, both on snow and water.

Her success continues and she has so far managed to bring home world champion titles. Kari is the first and only kitesurfer to achieve world champion titles in various disciplines on water and on snow. Kari has been making hats for more than 13 years now. Today, the hats are called Reversible Schibevaag Beanies, and who knows what is next in line for the Schibevaag collection.

Kari never sits still and if you wonder what she is doing, just click on her Blog link and see what she’s up to and where she is in the world.