Lofoten Adventure Company is open

After a magical opening with a lot of people, concert, barbeque, activity and god vibes can we declare Lofoten Adventure Company for open.

We are proud to present the best instructor team as possible:

-Surfe/Sup instructor Karl Ryan Coates from South-Africa with years and wide experience.
-Roger Tronstad years of experience as a kayak, diving, kite- instructor etc.
-Tommy Olsen 11 years experience from Unstad Artic Surf, certified ISA surf instructor, and 20 years experience form    hospital/ambulance profession.

-Kari Schibevaag (me) 7 times world champion, and 9 times world snow kite master.
-We also have Marion Frantzen who is responsible for economy and administration.

All of these wonderful people are ready to take you on an adventure. Vi are based on lovely Flakstad/Ramberg in Lofoten northern Norway. Here we have white beaches and crystal clear water waiting for you. The conditions fits all ages and levels. We offer kayak, surfing, kite, snorkeling, biggie board  and stand up paddle board. Come to learn something new, join a trip or rent equipment of top quality. The playground is big and there is room for everyone.

Lofoten Adventure Company
8380- Ramberg- Norway
+47 48 23 33 80