Eco Hemp Sprout Bag



This sprout bag is specially designed for germination. The bag is made from naturally grown hemp fibers and the design gives it several advantages (compared to the sprout jar). Time consumtion: dip and hang on a hook. 30 sec morning, 30 sec evening.

Draining: Drains completely in 5 minutes after dipping into water. The water does not collect in the bag. Air circulation: the hempfibers in the bag allows fresh air to circulate on both sides of the bag. That way you avoid mugging of sprouts and seeds. You can sprout all sorts of lentils, beans, grains and seeds. Even seed chia and flax, which gels when hydrated, may germinate in this bag. Sprout bag will expand when seeds grow. The bag remains moist, but not wet. Easy to bring when traveling, camping or similar.

The fabric is light weight and durable and does not shrink from going moldy as cotton can do.

1) Sterilize bags first time you use them. Boil up water and swim sprout bag inside out for 5 min. Hang up bag to dry and cool.

2) Soak 2-4 ml of the seeds to sprout overnight alternatively 8-12 hours before placing them in the sprout bag. Rinse the seeds well after soaking.

3) Fill the bag with the soaked seeds. Dip the whole bag into a water bowl, take the bag, seal it with string and hang it on a hook for water to run off. It is best to let the bag hang. If you can not do it, please post it in an open bowl / dish, but then tilt all the draining water out of the bowl.

4) Rinse seeds 2 times a day, ie about 12 hours between each rinse, such as morning and evening. To rinse the seeds is to leave them submerged in water for about 30 seconds. If the water is murky repeat rinsing until the water is clean. Turbid water can mean the seed of poor quality. Squeeze a little on the sprout bag and shake it to avoid clumping of seeds inside and prevent the tail of the seeds to grow into the wall of the bag.

5) do this for 3-5 days, then seedlings are ready. Rinse the seeds well and store in the refrigerator. When the seedlings are ready and cool, stop germination.


How to wash your bag: Turn the bag inside out. Remove whatever is inside of the shell / seeds. Wash the entire bag by hand in warm tap water. Use a sponge to remove particles stuck in the corners. Do not use the hemp bag. Soap removes and wipes out the natural oil in hemp fibers. If the bag smells sour or give turbid wastewater, it may be remnants of sprouts which mugner. Then sterilize hemp bag by leaving it in boiling water again, as you did when you started using the bag.

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