Training outside

Its so easy to make training fun.

All you need is a friend and a place outside.

(Do all the exercises 3 times )



1. start with a small run, warm up 15 min

2. Go together two and two. One is standing on her 4 and the otter one is leaning on her back with the shoulders. Lift you bum up, raise one foot and keep the knee of the stance foot  90 degrees. Lift you bum up and down slow. Remember tight you bum. change foot after 10 repetitions .


3.  Stay together face to face. Grab hands (inner hand) and lift the outer foot. Go slow up and down (more down, more hard). Change foot and hand after 8 times.



4. This is a hard one. Start with jumping up, then go down with a pushup .Repeat fast up and down 8 times.



5. Find a hill and run up and down. Do 5 times.


6. The plank (many ways of doing it) remember strait back.

IMG_0769-2 IMG_0782-2 IMG_0807-2

After do a small run and a stretching. Good luck and have fun.