Winter Camp In Lofoten.



It´s time for a new Arctic Kite Camp at the best place in the world, Lofoten. March gives amazing conditions for snowkiting and surfing and that’s why we want you to come and experience this place with us. It will be days filled with snowkiting and surfing, good food, happy people and fun. We will have the best instructors and a local chef waiting for you. Ecological food, mostly local from Lofoten. Action filled night hunts after the Aurora.

So don’t forget to bring your camera for some awesome night photography. At this time of the year, the northern light is dancing and we will be out catching the crazy light with our cameras. If you need help with you camera, we will also have professional people helping you out. (We would provide professional camera assistance)

Your deal:
Transport and transfer during the camp , a really good bed, 3 meals a day, The best instructors in all kinds of activities, kite and surf gear (remember bring you skis or snowboard), goddie-bags with gadgets from all our sponsors and physical treatments.
For new beginners and advanced kiters.

Eureka is one of the camps medical sponsors and offer specific treatments preparing the kiters for best outcome of the training and follow up with rehabilitation for better restitution for you to keep up with the physical fatigue you might experience during the camp days.

Price for all the fun. 6990kr
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Snakkes i Lofoten